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Feeling Good and Fungi

March 26, 2010 Leave a comment

Last night was full of good news and events. The night opened with me getting invited to join my guild’s 2nd team on ICC this Sunday. I’ve been working hard at gearing up and being the best tank I can be. This is a big step for me, my first experience in ICC was as the 3rd tank in a 25man PUG last weekend (which went less than stellar, wiping hard on Lady Deathwhisper). Dailies went well (still saving up to get mounts at the Argent Tournament).

The revamp of Monsterbelly Appetite as Disarmed! is great. The new fish outside of Violet Hold are both moderately useful, plus more booze. I like those eels for running old content in my tank gear as all the dodge helps and the shimmering minnows are an expendable source of health.

My sidekick, Shikamaru (level 80 hunter), have been running TBC content lately, even getting in on raids over the weekends. We hit Auchindon last night and ran all four dungeons on Heroic. Mana-Tombs was a lot of fun and seemed to be punishingly high in damage for a level 70 Heroic (I started in early Wrath, and never ran it at level), but we cleared through without incident. Auchenai Crypts was the last new dungeon for both of us and we got Outland Dungeonmaster, there was much rejoicing. We cleared the other two for the first time on Heroic. Lots of gear was collected and he headed to bed.

I had one last stop for the night. After sorting out the interesting equips from the just plain eye melting (the curse of Burning Crusade gear), I was off to Zangermarsh and the Underbog. For the fourth day in a row I beat the instance up and down for a couple clears picking up Sanguine Hibiscus. Finally all the hard work paid off and I hit Exalted with the mushroom men of Sporeggar. Kungaloosh was made and sent out to several friends in celebration.

Five Tips for Grinding Sporeggar Rep:

1. Do the Non-repeatable Quests- this is one of those reputations where grinding will happen no matter what. Do the quests as soon as you can as killing Bog Lord and such to get to Revered is just down right boring.

2. Collect Glowcaps and keep them- You are going to need them for anything the Quartermaster sells (which is probably why you are getting the rep up), grab them early and often. The quest to turn them in for rep is fairly worthless.

3. Get to 80 or get backup- I started grinding them briefly while leveling through Outland (which is a good time to do the quests in my opinions). It was difficult and the gear just isn’t important anymore thanks to Northrend. Higher levels will make make the next part simpler.

4. Clean Out Underbog- Most of the trash in the first section (before the naga) have a decent chance to drop Sanguine Hibiscus, which is the whole point. However, there are a few nodes later on and anything that drops will cover repairs.

5. Spread it Out- Don’t force yourself to keep at it for 8 hours just to get Exalted. Run it a couple times a night, maybe go through the quests with some friends. Everyone can show off their shiny tabards and Tiny Sporebats together.