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*Flying in on a Blue Dragonhawk* Tales from my introduction to the Cataclysm Beta

September 15, 2010 1 comment

Yes, I’m back again. Where does the time go? As the Title indicates, I succeeded in gathering my 100th mount since I last posted. However, the bigger development is, I won a Beta Key. After a week of the character copy not working, followed by a few days of waiting for the copy request to go through, I have my level 80 Warrior on the Beta Server (Twice actually).

First thing I noticed, the emblem cash out already went through. Gone were my 112 Frost , and 40-something Triumph Emblems, in their place was a nice 500 Justice Points. Cool. Now to the Heirloom Vendor to outfit a Troll Druid… Heirlooms are going for over 400 points a piece… There goes that plan. Thankfully I had copied my Plate Heirlooms and had enough for several happy level 1 Warriors (a Tauren, a Worgen, and an Undead, mostly to see the new starting areas).

I did have quite a few honor points, about 1600. So, I went to check out the PvP Heirlooms in Wintergrasp (the ones you can get with Stone Keeper Shards currently). Wintergrasp was in progress, I decide to queue up, no talents, actions bars still out of wack, but I did. Stupid me. I zone in and see “Zeluminati now Party Leader.” I’m the sole Alliance member of the defense of Wintergrasp. I have never seen this before. A quick glance shows the timer at 5 minutes remaining and a single Horde Siege Vehicle in play. I run to the left and find the outside wall on the West side of the Keep falling to a Catapult. I back pedel around the corner, up the ramp, and into the turret and open fire. The Catapult begins to attack the innerwall. I continue to fire. He finally takes notice and backs up to attack my turret, but it’s too late, and his vehicle crumbles. 3 minutes left, and I discover my adversary is a very mad 85 Orc Hunter. I do my best to survive as he lays into. I die, but I have done my part, time will soon run out, and the inner wall still stands. The PvP 2hand sword only cost 520 honor points, which is far fairer than the change in PvE heirlooms (which will probably be easier to acquire). 1-on-1 Wintergrasp victory, that is indeed a strange feeling.

Next thing up, Race changing one of my Draenei copies to a Worgen (characters on the Beta are randomly recieving Race Changes and Recustomizations everytime the account logs in it seems, and it just so happens one of my copies was flag for one). Current problem is, and character Race Changed to a Worgen is stuck in human form, due to not having done the Gilneas quest line. There IS a work around. Go to Gilneas, die, and use a specific Spirit Healer to get knocked into the starting area’s phase (Will be doing that when I have sometime tomorrow or Friday most likely).

Back to the Draenei. I would like to note, I miss my bag addon, I miss it a LOT. everything is a mess in my bags and bank without it. My bar addon is missed as well, but not as much as the bag one. Anyway, I have set up my talents for the new system. It was HARD! So many interesting choices. I currently have a trash tanking spec and a boss/single target tanking spec. The system is definately more complex than PvE & PvP talents now. The Glyphs were a lot simpler. I think I really had one or two choices I had to decide between, otherwise the 3 levels filled themselves (may have been more difficult if I wasn’t focusing a tree on single and a tree on multi). Replacing a Glyph is NOT free, by the way. You need a reagent called Vanishing Powder. There are 2 forms of it, one costs 8 silver and only works for level 80 and below, the other costs 8 gold and only works for level 81 and up. For of a gold sink for ya.

It was late, so I didn’t feel up to jumping into the new questlines just yet. I did however head on over to Stormwind and pickup my license to fly in Azeroth. I hoped on my Blue Dragonhawk and took to the skies. The New Stormwind is beautiful. Varian has a giant statue in the new Castle Courtyard. There is a graveyard behind the Cathedral, complete with a monument to Varian’s late wife. Next to it is an unmarked Mausoleum. It’s sort of strange that there is no name plate when it over shadows its surroundings. Even more interesting is the fake that the tomb in the center is etched with what appears to be the symbol of Lorderon (The stylized “L”). I’m curious if this is the resting place of Arthas’ body. The only other possibility I could think of would be Anduin Lothar, but I’m not sure where his body ended up after he died at Blackrock.

I (like many others) then flew off to Burning Stepps to kill that dragon that fights the dwarves under the flight path in an area that was previously unaccessable. Satified I hearthed and logged out for bed.

I will definately be posting things here as I continue to explore the future of WoW in the Cataclysm Beta.