Player Profile

Name: DeGei the Dragon Gamer (Me)
Date of Birth: 09/05/1985
Gender: Male
Occupation: CLASSIFIED, Gamer, and Amateur writer.

I play World of Warcraft. It is an addiction (I’m sure most of you reading this can sympathize). I enjoy tanking, or more directly, I enjoy having the living snot beaten out of my character on a regular basis. I started playing in early Wrath (actually probably within a week of it dropping), but didn’t get seriously into the game until reaching Northrend sometime around the arrival of the Argent Tournament Patch. Since then I have grinded, PUGed, and battered my way to ICC ready status, but I’m not here just for raiding the flavor of the month. I want to see it all; classic content to the furthest reaches of Outland. I want to experience it all and I have begun working on Loremaster, The Seeker, grinding rep, and whatever else I can grab along the way.

Join me as I explore the old and new challenges and plunge headlong into future battles (Cataclysm and beyond).

My Main is Zeluminati on US Gnomeregan

Name: Zeluminati the Seeker (Usually, subject to change)
Race: Draenei
Gender: Female
Occupation: Warrior, Tank, Achievement Hunter, Loot Hunter, & all-around Explorer
What She really Wants: More places to put the exotic items, like Quest Rewards, Armor Sets, and Rare Raid Drops.
Most Valuable Items: Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros

Check her out here:

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