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Cataclysm Warrior- Level 1-9

You have started your first Warrior. You have just gotten the run down on your race’s story and are now standing with a quest giver in front of you. I am going to assume that you either know the basic controls, or will take a moment to orientate yourself with them now. Take that first quest and let’s begin.

Glancing at your action bar you will see two abilities, Attack and Strike. For the time being Attack is Superfluous as right-clicking or using Strike on a target will accomplish the exact same goal. Depending on your race, your starting quest maybe to kill certain things or move to certain points. For the first few couple levels you will be auto-attacking targets and using Strike when ever your rage bar builds high enough. This is the simple “beat it until one of you stops moving” method that will continue to define your class with abilities being variants of “beating on the thing with something in a specific place”, “beating on the thing harder”, and “you are now harder to beat upon.” This level range is also a good time to practice using any racial ability you have to get a feel for how it works and how it can benefit you. Some races even have a quest for just that.

The quest rewards you will be taking are anything mail and any weapon that has a higher DPS than your current weapon, or eventually, Strength bonuses. If none of the above are possible from the rewards offered, you can grab a leather piece if it is in a slot not currently in use. If you hold Shift down while mousing over an item it will show what is gains over a currently equipped piece, but only if you have something already in that slot.

While doing quests picking up any junk items (with a gray name) to sell is recommended. Each time you pass by the quest hub, check for an NPC that has a bag or anvil icon when moused over, they will buy that junk for the money you will need later. Buy items or food from them at this low of level may help you, but generally will not be needed, better to save that money for new abilities or possibly an extra bag. Don’t be afraid to kill an extra mob or two while questing, the bonus Experience, loot, and/or copper always helps. Your quests for the first area are generally of the “Go get blank for me,” “Talk to this/these person/persons,” or “Kill these things.” The names of targets will light up when they are part of a quest or handy arrows may popup to point you in the right direction. Always seek out all Exclamation “!” Marks on your mini-map during these levels as quests offered at the same time will take you to the same or similar areas.

At level 3 you gain access to Charge which can be learned at the Warrior Trainer. Your mini-map should have the Trainer tracking on by default, so look for the little book icon. There is also usually a quest given to seek out the first trainer as well as a quest to practice charging on a dummy or nearby enemies. Charge becomes the default opener for the Warrior for quite sometime as it gets you to the target and gives you rage. The only two reasons you should not be using it are its on cooldown and the next mob is already next to you when the last one died, so you still have rage. More Rage means more Strikes, more Strikes means shorter fights.

At level 5 you gain access to one of the single greatest gifts to solo leveling and questing the Warrior has, Victory Rush. This ability is an instant attack that is only available for 20 seconds after delivering the killing blow to a mob or character that grants honor or experience. Meaning in common, nothing more than 8 levels below your level, and nothing someone else finishes off (why it’s less useful in groups). You can now chain pull mobs with the process of Charge, kill, loot, charge next mob, Victory Rush for a quick attack and heal, kill, loot, repeat. It can also be a life saver if a second and or third mob wanders up and trys to eat your face off, finish your current target for the Victory Rush for the Rush regain.

At level 7 you pick up Rend. This is a good ability to use earlier in a fight to slowly drain the life from your foe. If you plan on going Arms or Prot later, opening with this, after Victory Rush, is a good habit to start getting into. Several talents and/or abilities in those trees play off of Rend.

Finally for this section, at level 9 you pick up your first AOE ability, Thunder Clap. This like Rend will factor into talents more for Prot Warriors, but it is important to not that is slows the attack speed of anyone hit by it, increasing the length you can go in a fight. It may save your life when attacked by 2-4 enemies, so keep it in reach.

For the most part you will be spending these levels in your race’s home area with no real options to pick your path. That’s fine, there is some really good stories in these areas now. Take the time to enjoy them. Next time, we will take a look at the 3 Talent Trees, a brief review of professions, the late teens quest areas, and more.

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