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Planning: So you want to be a Cataclysm Warrior?

Since I haven’t heard from anyone for topic ideas, I have made a decision for the remaining few weeks before the Expansion drops. Leveling tips for people who are rolling new Warriors. I have a Beta account and a few new Warriors around level 10 and a bunch of heirlooms. The general idea would be to test all three specs for leveling in the 1-30 range pointing out advantages and the general feel of how the class is to play.

1-30 is being targeted mostly because I don’t think I will be able to get 3 characters much past that in the coming weeks. I have a busy schedule for the next couple weekends as well as achievements to go for on my main (Loremaster is almost done, I swear). Arms, Fury, and Prot are all very viable for leveling though and with Cataclysm being the time to start new toons, a class guild can be extremely useful for both people trying something new and new players. Also, I feel this type of overview will help me relearn the class a bit on a basic level (I need to get better at Arms & Fury) and lead to my own improvement in the future.

So starting Sunday, check back to meet the three warriors and get the 1-10 basics down.

EDIT: I have decided to Restart the Warriors from Scratch, just to triple check those first few levels. As such, the races of the Warriors are open game…

  1. November 12, 2010 at 18:01

    Sweet. I’ve been looking for 4.0 leveling guides since it hit. I played one in beta a bit and had a good time with it, but I’d rather get some educated info from someone that has a clue than just make some guesses on my end and hope it works.

    Looking forward to them!

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