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Grinding for the Summer

Yes it has been MONTHS, I fail at keeping up with things. Plus it has been a slow couple of months. My guild seems to be in a unique position, we have too many tanks. Our Guild leader is a Bear, we have two full time Paladin tanks, two ret Paladins who offspec as tank, a Death Knight tank (MIA as of late due to connection issues), and me one of two Warrior Tanks (though the other has been away for a bit). This doesn’t include quite a few alts who have moderately geared tanking specs. For about a month or so, I was the main tank of the hastily formed “ICC10 Group 2”.  I and the DK would tank it, we got gear, as well as geared up some of the people who weren’t in the guild’s main group (and at times, the main group would fill in open spots with alts).

Recently the guild has expanded, and since the main group has downed Lich King, and have several Heroic bosses down, the guild leader has decided to refocus our guild to being dominately 25man. This leads to the problem of, who gets to tank? For the past month it has pretty much boiled down to whoever is on first gets to tank (Excluding the Guild Leader, he goes as DPS, has recently switched his offspec from Cat to Moonkin). The raid time is set at 5:30pm server on Wednesday, for me that is a local time of 7:30pm. If I get off work at 6:30 or sooner, I can make that no problem. However, if I get off work at 6:45, rush home, eat, shower, and immediately get on the computer, I’m lucky to make it by 7:45, which usually means I’m out of luck. This past week I didn’t step foot in ICC25. I tanked the 10man run on Friday, which is mostly for alts, lesser geared members, and people who need certain upgrades. In summary, Blah… I may start looking if anyone has openings for tank on Gnomeregan US Alliance side… maybe…

Enough of my Blues, lets move on to the main point of this post, Achievement Grinding. Over the last three weeks I hammered out the Vanilla portion of Loremaster. I enjoyed it. Duskwood and the stories of Jitters and Mor’Ladim are good and all the sights and NPCs show how much excellent work went into the game. Finishing Outland is next on the list (though I am taking a side trip to Grizzly Hills, since only it and Icecrown are left up in Northrend, I figure its a good side trip with lots of throwbacks to the areas I was passing through).

I also am working on gaining Exalted status with the Kalu’ak. Never finished it and since I managed to get ALL of the mounts out of the Argent Tournament I can skip those dalies for a week or two before going back for the tabard (also, need more inventory space, also mount total at 90/100 for the Dragonhawk). The other dalies I’m making a point to hit are the Skyguard ones in both Terokkar and Blade’s Edge, its a long road to Exalted for them as well, so its best to start ASAP. 

I need to get back in the habit of doing older raids on weekends, just seems like too many people fail at them. (This one time in Blackwing Lair… *shudder*)

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