Taking the Lair

Last night I got into a PUG Blackwing Lair run. There were characters of various levels between 60 and 80, many of whom probably never were there before. Thankfully there was an attuned Warlock in the group to summon people straight in. Oh, did I mention, the person putting it together disconnected at some point before I got summoned?

As I have had to do once before (on my second run of “For the Alliance”) I assumed the defacto role of Raid Leader for 2 reasons:

1. I am the tank (there was a Bear off tanking, but I was better geared, so main tanking).

2. I know most of the encounters from a near full clear on a previous run (server reset as Chromaggus tore the 7 of us apart) and had read Nefarian’s encounter several times (I like dragons).

The group did fine. A little shakey at time with loot and pulling, but we (Shikamaru was handling the Master Looter duties) held it together.

The opening boss went smoothly, as the raid didn’t wipe us. Vael got burned without a single death. Trash was a minor bump.

The biggest irritation was the rooms before Broodlord Lashlayer. Fast respawning adds and traps spraying slowing gas. It was frustrating trying to get the rogues up to disarm them, but we decided to push through and forget the disarming. Took a bit too long, but we survived.

The drake trio and Chromaggus went down smooth. Nef was entertaining. Everyone pilled behind the throne after the first few waves and no one got the debuff. Nef summarily went down hard (did the Hunter call out and broke Shikamaru’s Weapon though).

As the only Shield wielding Tank, and one of only two Warriors (the other being there for the achievement only, I think) I cleaned up in drops. Two old school tank trinkets, and the Chest, Bracers, and Boots for the Tier 2 Battlegear of Wrath set.

I really dig Blackwing Lair. The encounters are cool, the gear all looks Awesome, and I can do it once a week >.>

Also did ZG with a friend’s guild (much drama) and went with a couple friends part way into Kara (Shikamaru brought his 71 Paladin for heals and picked up the Mongoose Enchant off Moroes, which I am now rocking). We cleared through Opera (Oz knockoffs) and will pick it up this weekend.

If you have never done these raids, get some friends together, read up on the basics, and go grab some loot.

P.S. If you qualify to run VoA on 10 or 25, I HIGHLY recommend getting into it everyweek. Got my ilevel264 Gloves last night off of Toravon.

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