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Back to the Drawing Board

I was testing out my soloing spec in Karazhan (which as a Warrior, is a difficult thing). I downed Attumen with little difficulty and moved onto Moroes.

First, with out uber-dps back up you start to pickup on things that would never happen because they would be dead (or re-dead in the case of Moroes’ ghost pals). Things like Lady Keira Berrybuck heals and Lord Crispin Ference disarms. I should have looked this things up, but where is the fun in that. Wiped twice figuring those things out. Changed my game plan and managed to drop all four adds on the third go before falling to Moroes himself.

At this point I decide to clear a bit more of the ballroom for repair money. The friend who was nice enough to stay in a raid group with me to let me reenter Kara after each death decided to come down to Deadwind pass and join me. So the level 80 Space Chicken and I reengage and she is pulling aggro super easy (I’m in Battle Stance of course). I switch to Defensive Stance to try and hold aggro and smooth things along and let her spend less time popping back to Night Elf form to heal. This is when I make the crucial discovery. Bloodthirst works in Defensive Stance… D’oh.

So it’s time to revamp that solo build. Bloodthirst is critical for near spammable healing, but now I can grab Concussion Blow for a bit more breathing room. I will definately do a post on my solo spec after I finalize it.

Anyway, we beat down Big Bad Wolf and fought our way through to The Curator. Took us a second go due to a few loose adds joining in the fight, but we downed him and I got the Dragon-Quake Shoulderguards I’ve been wanting. We called it a night shortly there after.

Karazhan, I will return.

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